About us

How did we start?

The inspiration for Visikol, Inc. grew out of a plant microscopy class at Rutgers University in the fall of 2011. Visikol Chief Scientific Officer, Tom Villani, learned of the labor intensive process of obtaining and using the traditional plant clearing agent, chloral hydrate. As a highly regulated narcotic with a long history of abuse, chloral hydrate was far from an easily accessible or safe agent to use in biology research. Tom knew there had to be an easier way.

Working with an advisory team of Dr. Jim Simon and Dr. Adolfina Koroch, Visikol® was born in the labs at Rutgers University as a safe and easy-to-use clearing agent for plant biology research. As we very quickly learned, the potential of Visikol was not solely limited to plant biology. By working with Visikol we found new and unique ways to apply it to clear a wide range of biological tissues. We have since expanded beyond the world of plant biology, and are excited to bring you Visikol HISTO and Visikol TOX. 

Executive Team

Dr. Michael Johnson, Chief Executive Officer 

Michael leads the day-to-day development of Visikol Inc, as well as the overall marketing/sales strategy for the Visikol technology platforms. 

Nick Crider, Chief Operating Officer     

Nick is responsible for both overall strategic and day-to-day operations of the company. Nick oversees the regulatory and legal concerns for Visikol.  

Dr. Thomas Villani Headshot - Visikol

Tom Villani, Chief Science Officer
Tom is responsible for coupling R&D to business strategy at Visikol. Tom leads scientific research, product development, and academic collaborations for Visikol.