Visikol HISTO Tissue Clearing Protocol Featured on Abcam Website

Visikol is excited to announce that its Visikol HISTO protocols are now featured on the Abcam website so that all of their customers can now easily extend their histological imaging into a new dimension. Abcam is the leading supplier of protein research tools, and their antibodies pair very well with the Visikol HISTO tissue clearing approach. Visikol CSO and Co-Founder Dr. Thomas Villani remarked, “we are committed to providing researchers with the easiest-to-use solution for tissue clearing and 3D imaging and are excited to share our Visikol HISTO approach with Abcam’s community.”

In the last five years since the introduction of the CLARITY technique by researchers at Stanford University, the field of tissue clearing has rapidly advanced. Today, researchers have at their fingertips the ability to image entire tissues microscopically in 3D where just a few years ago they were limited to a two-dimensional histological context. However, one of the problems in the field of tissue clearing is that because the field has grown so rapidly, there are dozens of tissue clearing techniques such as CLARITY, CUBIC, PARS, PACT, Scale, i/3/uDISCO, FocusClear and Visikol HISTO and it is very challenging for a researcher to determine which protocol is right for their specific research question. Because of this, many researchers attempting tissue clearing have been very disappointed with the results, experiencing poor tissue clearing, some poor labeling, some poor imaging and other totally unexpected and other seemingly unexplained problems. 

The reason for this confusion is twofold: 1) every tissue clearing technique has its own individual advantages and disadvantages, and 2) every different type of tissue (e.g. age, fixation, type, size, species) will require different processing steps for optimal tissue clearing and labeling. Additionally, the adoption of tissue clearing requires that a researcher have experience in complex fields outside of their typical domain, like a proficiency in 3D microscopy, complex data analysis, tissue processing and tissue labeling.

To address these shortcomings and to reduce the adoption hurdles of tissue clearing, Visikol developed their patented Visikol HISTO tissue clearing technique in 2016 and tested it with over 400 research labs from around the world. This customer-centric testing allowed Visikol to intimately understand all of the shortcomings of Visikol HISTO and to develop specialized protocols for each and every application as well as detailed guidance. So along with the launch of the Visikol HISTO product in 2016, Visikol launched its Visikol HISTO Protocol Guidebook to capture this knowledge, allowing researchers to create customized protocols for every application. The Visikol HISTO Protocol Guidebook allows for the Visikol HISTO approach to be customized for tissue type, fixation type, labeling, imaging modality, imaging objective, background fluorescence, tissue thickness and tissue origin to help researchers get the best results possible, the first time they try the technology. Learn more at or

Visikol HISTO on Abcam Website

Visikol HISTO and Abcam
Michael Johnson