Visikol HISTO Beta Test Feedback - Visikol HISTO Products

One of the things we wanted to learn from our beta-test of our Visikol HISTO approach was how we should bring this tissue clearing technique to customers. What we realized through our beta-test of this technology is that there are three primary groups of researchers in regards to tissue clearing and 3D histology. The first group of researchers is a very small group and is comprised of researchers who currently use tissue clearing in their research and are experts in this field. The second much larger group are researchers who are interested in tissue clearing and 3D histology, but who do not have an expertise in this field. The last group of researchers are those who have research thrusts that cannot benefit from adding spatial information and thus are not interested in tissue clearing. 

Based upon this feedback about our customers, we have decided to launch a Visikol HISTO product portfolio that meets the needs of tissue clearing experts as well as researchers who do not have an expertise in tissue clearing. For researchers that are new to tissue clearing, we have developed a Visikol HISTO Starter Kit that comes with everything a researcher needs to drop tissue clearing right into their workflow, including all of the buffers for tissue processing. The purpose of this kit is to make tissue clearing and labeling so easy-to-use that any researcher can drop it right into their current bio-imaging workflow.

For researchers that are experts in tissue clearing, we have made our individual reagents available so that a researcher can purchase only the reagents that they need. Most of these researchers will already have all of the pre-treatment buffers on hand or would prefer to make them. We have provided the composition of these buffers in our protocols so that researchers can make them if they do not want to purchase them. 

Visikol HISTO Starter Kit Box
Michael Johnson