Visikol HISTO used for Barn Owl Connectome Project

Dr. William DeBello's group at UC Davis recently used Visikol HISTO as part of the Barn Owl Connectome Project. The goal of this project is to reconstruct the complete wiring diagram of local circuits in the barn owl auditory localization pathway. The barn owl is a classic model system for studying the neural bases of information processing, plasticity and learning. Dr. DeBello's group uses an integrative approach to studying this system that combines in vivo electrophysiology, auditory and visual receptive field mapping, tracer injection, immmunohistochemistry, confocal microscopy, automated transmission electron microscopy, 3D visualization, computer simulation and bootstrap analysis. To learn more about the DeBello group's work click here

To see the 3D characteristics of an owl brain click below. Video courtesy of Kelsey Lakowske (UC Davis, DeBello Lab).

Michael Johnson