Optical CT for Skeletal Visualization

Over the last year we have worked with a company in Canada called Modus QA to develop an Optical CT scanner which can create digital renderings of the animals which have been processed with our Visikol® TOX skeletal visualization approach.

Each year approximately 1 million fetal animals are used in developmental and reproductive toxicology (DART) studies to ensure that new chemicals do not have unforeseen developmental impacts. In these studies, pathologists visualize the physical skeletons of animals to make sure that they do not have abnormalities and then they render a report about the skeletons. The problem with this approach is that these reports are highly qualitative and it is possible that two different pathologists will have different findings for the exact same animal.

We are proposing a digital approach to evaluating these skeletons where a skeleton can be placed in our Optical CT scanner and we would create a 3D digital rendering. With our Optical CT scanner, we have been able to acquire high quality renderings of skeletons and are in the process of optimizing these scans. These scans have some image artifacts within them and we are working with a university collaborator to remove them. Ultimately, we would like to sell this Optical CT scanner alongside our Visikol TOX platform to quantify the skeletons of animals. Our Optical CT approach is very novel in that it costs 1/10th that of X-ray CT and has many operational and safety benefits. 

Michael Johnson