Q3 Review

Each quarter Visikol’s CEO, Michael Johnson, will reflect on the quarter’s progress. This reflection is intended to be an open and honest discussion of the successes and challenges that we have experienced over the last three months.  We would like to share these stories with our community as we feel they will provide an inside look at the work being done in the Visikol lab to develop powerful new bio-imaging tools and processes.

Looking back at Q3 we are very happy with the progress that we have made and wanted to reflect on some of our major accomplishments. While we have developed our Visikol® technology into platforms for developmental toxicology studies and plant biology, the most impactful application of our Visikol® technology is in the three-dimensional visualization of biological tissues which we refer to as Visikol® HISTO™

We are very excited to announce that at the end of Q3 we began to beta test this technology platform with researchers in the tissue clearing space. We wanted to reach out to the experts in this field who have used other clearing techniques and incorporate their feedback as we develop and finalize our Visikol® HISTO™ product portfolio. To date, we have sent Visikol® HISTO™ samples to 75 researchers from all over the US, and are starting to receive some very positive and insightful feedback. We have already learned a lot from these researchers, and are looking forward to building upon these collaborations. Our long-term goal is to make 3D tissue visualization so easy-to-use that any researcher can adopt it into their bio-imaging workflow.

In addition to launching our Visikol® HISTO™ beta testing in Q3, we are also finalizing our Visikol® TOX platform and are looking forward to seeing it used in DART studies in 2017. On top of these commercialization efforts, we also spent A LOT of time and effort submitting for three NIH SBIR grants in Q3. 

While putting these grants together took a lot of effort, we feel that each one of these submissions is quite strong and the funds and resources from these opportunities would greatly benefit the company. Depending upon the feedback we receive on these grants and the submissions from Q2 of 2016, we will reevaluate our approach to grants in Q4 and determine if we should narrow our focus onto one specific opportunity moving forward.

As we look back on Q3 and the first 7 months of Visikol Inc., we are very proud of the work that we have done so far and are looking forward to a very productive Q4 and 2017. As we move into 2017 we plan to accelerate the launch of Visikol® HISTO™ and are excited to make 3D tissue imaging available to every lab.

We thank you for your support and guidance on our journey,