First Visikol HISTO Publication!

Back in August of 2016 we started beta-testing our Visikol HISTO platform with researchers in the US and EU. The Visikol HISTO platform allows researchers to move beyond the 400-year-old practice of 2D histology and towards conducting what we call “3D histology.” To date, we have had over 300 researchers from around-the-world use this platform and are excited to announce the first publication using Visikol HISTO: Clarification and 3-D visualization of immunolabeled human placenta villi. This paper was authored by Dr. Carolyn Salafia, Dr. George Merz, Valerie Schwenk, Ruchit Shah and Phillip Necaise. The paper focused on applying the Visikol HISTO technology to visualize and characterize the complex vasculature of the human placenta.

Michael Johnson