Visikol HISTO Spheroid Protocol

When we first launched Visikol HISTO back in August, it was a general purpose tool with general protocols and guidelines. While this platform worked very well for a wide range of tissue types and sizes, our initial beta testers asked us to optimize the protocols for speed and cost in a few of the most used tissues. Over the last six months we have been collaborating with several research partners to develop application specific protocols that are optimized for these specific usages. One of the first applications we will launch is a method for the 3D visualization of spheroids, a type of in-vitro model that is being rapidly adopted in the drug discovery process. And recently, we completed the development of a spheroid specific Visikol HISTO protocol that drastically cuts down processing time and steps compared to our original protocol. To check out this updated protocol and background on spheroids, click here.

Visikol HISTO Spheroid
Michael Johnson