Q2 Quarterly Review

What a great three months for Visikol! I am incredibly proud of the progress that we have made in reaching our milestones and shifting the paradigm of histology from 2D to 3D. Over the last few months we have focused entirely upon improving our Visikol HISTO technology and are looking forward to the second half of the year with many exciting announcements to come. Below you can read about what we have been focusing on for the last three months.

Improved User Experience:

In launching any new product whether it is Airbnb or Visikol HISTO, the user experience is critical as building a product that works in your hands is not enough – The product needs to perform flawlessly in the hands of ALL your users. With Visikol HISTO, we have focused a lot of our time on improving the customer experience so that any researcher regardless of background or skill set can successfully drop the technology into their existing bio-imaging workflow. We have done this through an extensive beta test and partnering with researchers in diverse fields. Through this process, we gained an intimate understanding of how our customers use the Visikol HISTO technology and in Q2 launched the Visikol HISTO protocol builder to help improve the overall customer experience. This web app was built by Nick Crider and addressed our biggest shortcoming with Visikol HISTO which was that customers wanted customized protocols for THEIR specific applications. Moving forward, our focus will be on continually improving the user experience so that customers can more quickly and successfully drop the Visikol HISTO technology into their workflow. In Q3, we will begin launching a suite of tutorial videos on 3D bio-imaging as well as application specific Visikol HISTO kits, image processing plugins and a webinar series.

Build out of Visikol HISTO bio-imaging platform as a service (i.e. HISTOPlex):

One of the long-term goals for Visikol is to develop and launch a 3D bio-imaging service business that can assist pharmaceutical companies with the drug discovery process. Specifically, we plan to develop several bio-imaging assays that will allow pharma companies to extract actionable 3D insights from tissues. We are tentatively calling this platform HISTOPlex and it will be a high throughput system that leverages the Visikol HISTO technique. We began developing this platform in Q1 of 2017 and plan to begin offering it in late 2018 to customers. We have shown that for tissues like spheroids commonly used in drug discovery that we can acquire more accurate and complete information than is acquired today. 

Big Data Analysis:

While we will continue to build on the Visikol HISTO technology and improve the user experience, it is essentially complete. This is an exciting time as we are now able to transition Visikol from focusing on building tools for acquiring data to focusing on HISTOPlex to analyze the data. This is a major shift as most publications and work in the tissue clearing space have focused solely on data acquisition from tissues. With HISTOPlex, we are able to generate hundreds of gigabytes of data from tissues and are beginning to develop a platform for storing this data and extracting features of interest. We see HISTOPlex shifting the paradigm of how tissues are characertized and look forward to accelerating the drug discovery process.

I look forward to updating you on our progress in Q3 - stay tuned. 


Michael speaking at Rutgers Univeristy about Visikol. 

Michael speaking at Rutgers Univeristy about Visikol.