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Leverage the Power of Tissue Clearing in Your Research With Visikol Tissue Clearing Reagents

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Visikol® HISTO™

A rapid, easy-to-use, affordable and reversible tissue clearing technique for whole tissues. Easily pair fluorescent protein and/or immunofluorescent labeling with tissue clearing for whole tissue (e.g. mouse brain, tumor) imaging using confocal, light sheet or 2-photon microscopy.

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Visikol® HISTO-M™

A Visikol HISTO reagent designed specifically for use with 3D cell culture models (e.g. organoids, spheroids, microtissues) in high throughput automated assays. The Visikol HISTO-M technology allows for complete 3D cell culture characterization instead of current assays that biased towards only peripheral characterization.

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Visikol® TOX™

A tissue clearing technique designed specifically for use in developmental and reproductive toxicology studies for fetal skeletal evaluation. Visikol TOX reduces skeletal processing time in these studies by up to 90% and replaces the current digestion-based process with a non-destructive approach.

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Visikol® for Plant Biology™

A tissue clearing technique designed for use with plant samples for microscopic quality control. Visikol for Plant Biology is commonly used as a replacement for chloral hydrate which was previously used for this purpose and is a DEA controlled substance.



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