Visikol® HISTO™ Protocol

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Expected Results

Cleared mouse brain stained with DAPI

Figure 1. Cleared mouse brain tissue, stained with DAPI, single section 500 µm into brain tissue; imaged on Leica TCS SPII Confocal Microscope.

Figure 2. Cleared mouse brain tissue, image taken at 500 um depth into brain tissue, stained with NeuroTrace Yellow (ThermoFisher Scientific, cat #N21481); Imaged with Leica TCS SPII confocal microscope.

Figure 3. HepG2 micro-tissue, cleared with Visikol; labeled for EGFR using rabbit anti-EGFR with anti-rabbit AlexaFluor488-conjugated secondary antibody; z-projection of 10 µm interval optical sections.


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