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Scientist of Histology and Advanced Imaging – Job Description

Company Overview:

At Visikol, we believe in the power of science to change lives. We are a leading global life sciences company that delivers answers for crucial health questions—because we know that knowledge has the potential to make life better for all. Here, you can apply your scientific curiosity in Biology, Medicine, Oncology, Drug Discovery, Pharmaceuticals/ Biopharmaceuticals or similar fields to pursue advances in medical and pharmaceutical research and contribute to study the effectiveness, safety, and toxicity of drugs in research studies. Your work will help medical, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies create life-saving vaccines and medicines that make a real impact on people’s lives.

Scientist in Quantitative Pathology for Immunology/Immuno-oncology:

In this research and lab-based role you will conduct research in immunology and immuno-oncology, with a particular focus on patient stratification and prognostics/diagnostics. You will design, develop, and optimize multiplex immunohistochemistry applications for the improvement of prognostic and precision medicine using cutting-edge technologies. You will work side-by-side with a team of researchers in designing, developing, staining, and imaging patient biopsy specimens towards the development of new and unique paradigms of histopathological evaluation utilizing AI, machine learning, and informatics. This work is highly suitable for publication in high-level journals. Development of new multiplex procedures and analytical techniques in the fields of cancer, immunology, neurology, epigenetics, and various other diseases will be a main component of this position.

What to Expect:

You will become part of a research team and assist in the development of new multiplex procedures and analyses on a variety of animal and human tissue specimens in the fields of cancer, immunology, and neurology, among others, to aid in the development of new methodology and applications for Visikol to help advance the sci in pre-clinical and biological research.
• Opportunities to work with leaders in various research fields
• Opportunities to publish and apply for grant funding
• Developing new multiplex techniques to improve pre-clinical research, diagnosis, patient stratification, prognostics, and precision medicine
• Basic histology practices and microscopy
• Immunolabeling and histological staining
• Microscopy and image analysis
• Data interpretation, statistical analysis
• Optimization and troubleshooting of new techniques and multi-channel labeling
• Researching and keeping up to date on the latest in immunology/immuno-oncology

Skills and Educational Requirements:

  • PhD in biomedical relevant fields such as immunology/oncology with extensive experience in design and execution of research projects
    • Extensive experience in standard histology practices; IHC, IF, confocal and widefield microscopy
    • Good organizational and communication skills required
    • Experience with project management and imaging software highly recommended
    • Candidates should be eager to work in a close-knit team to accomplish exciting tasks to advance pharmaceutical and medical research.
    • Experience with informatics is highly desirable, but not required to apply.


Send your resume and a cover letter to for consideration by the Visikol team.

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