Add a new dimension to your research

Shift the paradigm of histology to 3D

We have developed Visikol HISTO as the market's first easy-to-use, non-destructive and rapid 3D histology platform. With Visikol HISTO you are able to visualize biological tissues in 3D by pairing the rapid clearing of Visikol HISTO with fluorescent labeling.  

  • Simple tissue processing procedure
  • Reversible and rapid clearing - conduct 2D histology after 2D imaging

We look forward to working with you to drop Visikol HISTO right into your current workflow. 


Example Usage

Visikol HISTO has been used for a wide-range of applications from looking at frog embryo development to studying the inflammatory response following a concussion in animal models. Below you can see how Visikol HISTO was used to visualize the vasculature of human placenta tissue.