At Visikol, our mission is to accelerate the discovery and development of therapeutics through transforming tissues into quantitative data sets that we mine for actionable insights. We do this through leveraging our imaging, image analysis and advanced in vitro services that are based on a suite of proprietary software and cutting-edge research. As a company, we operate as a contract research organization and conduct contract research for the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

We are currently looking for a Scientist to join our team that will be responsible for the execution of research projects for our clients and designing novel drug discovery assays. Specifically, we are looking for a Scientist who will lead complex in vitro assay services as well as developing novel cell-based assays. This will be a unique opportunity to work side-by-side with our team of Scientists to develop novel drug discovery technologies for use with our pharmaceutical clients. We are looking for a Scientist and are open to broad backgrounds within the imaging, cell culture and image analysis spaces. Opportunities to work with leaders in various research fields.

Specifically, we are looking for Scientist that has the following skills and background.

· Good project management skills & ability to manage several complex research projects simultaneously.
· Ability to troubleshoot complex assays and develop novel solutions for problems.
· Excellent presentations skills and able to communicate complex scientific findings with diverse audiences.
· A thorough understanding and demonstrated track record of designing, implementing, and reporting on assays to address specific research questions.
· Substantial wet lab experience running and interpreting assay results.
· PhD + 1-3 years of industry experience

The candidate should have a strong background in several of the below fields.

· Routine mammalian cell culture – 3D cell culture a plus.
· Execution of in vitro assays.
· Fluorescent microscopy – confocal microscopy a plus.
· Experience immunolabeling and optimizing fluorescent labeling.

Additional Qualifications:

· Industry experience is an emphasis.
· Interested in being a team player.
· Flexible, self-directed, and willing to be held accountable.
· Immunolabeling and histological staining
· Microscopy and image analysis
· Data interpretation, statistical analysis
· Optimization and troubleshooting of new techniques and multi-channel labeling
· Researching and keeping up to date on the latest in immunology/immuno-oncology
· Experience with informatics is desirable, but not required to apply.

We encourage all qualified candidates to apply. As an equal opportunity employer, we do more than accept difference. We celebrate diversity, we support employees from a wide range of backgrounds, and we benefit from the added creativity and richness that these differences bring to our offices and community. We pride ourselves on being a collaborative environment where everyone’s talents and opinions contribute to the greater good and are always recognized.

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