Cancer Drug Screening

Cancer Drug Screening2019-02-15T23:12:34-05:00

Visikol specializes in assays for the screening of anti-cancer drugs. With a wide range of flexibility, we offer numerous off-the-shelf assays to clients for evaluating the efficacy and potential toxicity of cancer therapeutics. Utilizing High Content Screening, our assay formats provide the ability to simultaneously measure multiple endpoints. We offer assay formats using traditional monolayer models, as well as 3D cell culture models, which better recapitulate the tumor microenvironment in vivo.

In addition to standard measures of cancer drug efficacy such as anti-proliferative effect, and assessment of cell viability after treatment, the use of 3D cell models provides access to more complex measures that are difficult to assess in standard monolayer formats. These include assays for immune cell infiltration into 3D tumor spheroids, as well as assaying the penetration and distribution of biologicals into tumor spheroids. Since these assays are conducted in a well-plate format, they are amenable to larger screening campaigns to assess the efficacy of therapeutic strategies in ways not previously possible without animal studies.

Please explore our website to learn more about the assays we offer, and know that we offer custom drug discovery solutions to clients wishing to develop and utilize an assay more specific to their particular research objectives.