3Screen™ In Vitro Services

High-Throughput 3D Analysis Platform

Complete 3D Cell Culture Characterization

3D in vitro cell culture models are being rapidly adopted for drug discovery due to their improved in vivo relevancy. However, current characterization assays paradoxically do not capture the 3D data that makes these models intrinsically more valuable. Additionally, current confocal and wide-field imaging assays can severely bias results towards only characterizing the periphery of these models where efficacy and cell proliferation are the greatest.

The 3Screen™ Difference

Our 3Screen™ in vitro services combine our patented Visikol® HISTO™ tissue clearing technique with fluorescent labeling, automated processing and high content confocal analysis to acquire all of the data from these models.


• Antibody Penetration

• Apoptosis

• Angiogenesis

• Cell-cell Junctions and Cadherins

• Cell Proliferation

• Cell Migration

• Cell Viability

• Cholestasis

• Steatosis


• Drug Induced Liver Injury

• Fibrosis

• Cholestasis

• Drug Induced Liver Injury

• Fibrosis

• Immune Cell Invasion

• Inflammatory Signaling

• Mitochondrial Health + Toxicity



• Steatosis

Widefield Microscopy

Confocal Microscopy

Bespoke Assay Development

We work closely with clients to develop customized 3Screen™ assays that use novel 3D cell culture models and customized end-points.

How it Works

1. Choose an assay of interest from our menu of 3Screen in vitro assays.

2. Define end-points of interest.

3. Choose 3D in vitro model. Visikol partners with InSphero to provide best-in-class 3D InSight™ microtissues as well as PDX models.

4. Visikol runs assays and provides quantitative multi-dimensional report back to the client.

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