Toxicity and Safety Assessment

Toxicity and Safety Assessment2019-02-14T15:00:18-05:00

Liver toxicity and cardiotoxicity are key manifestations of toxicological effects from pharmaceutical compounds, and are a leading reason for drug attrition. The identification of potential toxicity at an early stage in drug discovery can save time and developmental costs, and most importantly reduce the likelihood of late stage failure. Early identification of toxicological effect of drug compounds allows pharma companies to eliminate liable drug compounds early in the drug discovery process, freeing more time and resources to be spent in the development of more promising lead candidates.

Visikol is the ideal partner to assist you in understanding the toxic liability of your compounds using cutting edge techniques. Using advanced 3D cell models, which more accurately recapitulate expected toxicological profiles in vivo, drugs can be screened more accurately for toxicity in a medium throughput format, allowing for identification of toxic liabilities earlier in the discovery process. By focusing on state of the art technology and automation, high quality data can be generated rapidly and cost-effectively.

We have invested in several high content screening (HCS) platforms to automate fluorescence imaging to simultaneously analyze multi-parametric indicators of toxicity. Our approach improves the prediction of toxicological events and increases understanding of the mechanisms of drug toxicity at a price point that permits large numbers of compounds to be screened earlier in the discovery process.