HUREL® Micro Liver Services

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Visikol leverages the HUREL micro liver models to provide its clients with a suite of best-in-class liver in vitro assays.

Cytotoxicity and Hepatotoxicity Screening

Our cytotoxicity and hepatotoxicity screening service makes early, high-acuity assessment of hepatotoxic risk cost-effective for smaller organizations and thereby brings new illumination to the challenge of reducing late-stage candidate attrition.

HUREL® Flux™

Hepatobiliary research services based on a new, efflux transporter assay method.  Visikol’s HUREL primary hepatocyte co-cultures allow the hepatocytes to polarize and form stable and enduring biliary canaliculi networks and their associated transporters for over 30 days.

Metabolic Clearance


The HUREL micro liver coculture system is a robust and reliable method for human in vivo clearance prediction and metabolite detection of slowly metabolized drugs.

Metabolite Generation and ID


HUREL micro livers produce robust metabolite yields that closely correlate to metabolites generated by parent compounds in vivo.

Multi-Parameter Toxicity

Our Multi-Parameter Toxicity assay’s apply HUREL’s superior metabolic competency to a panel of complementary assays, creating a multi-parametric characterization of hepatotoxic risk.  HUREL Tox™  incorporates a 14-day, repeat-dose cytotoxicity study with both ATP and albumin (ELISA) readouts.

Reaction Phenotyping Assay

Using HURELhumanPool™ primary hepatocyte micro liver model, intrinsic clearance rates for parent drug depletion in the absence and the presence of CYP inhibitors are measured to determine the contribution of CYP enzymes. This information is useful to identify the specific enzymes responsible for the drug metabolism.

Viral Liver Disease Modeling

The HUREL Viral™ platform aids the study of viral persistence and accelerates the development of antiviral drugs not just to mitigate recurring symptoms of but to fully cure chronic hepatitis B (HBV).