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Blood Brain Barrier Permeability Assay


Utilizing a novel BBB in vitro model, we offer an in vitro assay capable of assessing the penetration kinetics of molecules passing across the BBB.

HUREL Primary Hepatocyte Micro Livers

Rat HUREL Image

The HUREL portfolio of primary hepatocyte models and services are now part of Visikol which includes over ten animal species and multiple new services.

Cell Painting

Cells Colored with Cell Painting Technique

Cell painting is a high-content, multiplexed image-based assay that is utilized for cytological profiling where several compartments of the cell are “painted” with a variety of organelle specific stains. 

Highly Multiplexed Slide Imaging

Multiplex blue and green image

We provide our Clients with the ability to move beyond traditional slide labeling and imaging such that they can achieve 10+ labels on a single slide, all delivered in an easy-to-read report.

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Man using a microscope

“I am very impressed with the thoroughness of the analysis. I hope to steer more data your way soon. Again, thank you for undertaking this at a small cost. It is much appreciated.”

Marie M., Palatin Technologies

“Thanks for getting this back so quickly, and for the thoroughness of the design and report. We look forward to working with you again!”

George M.

“A pleasure to work with. Concise and detailed report for our 3D cell assay. We’ll have more projects your way soon!”

William Holden

“Extremely impressive work, thanks for getting this back to us so quickly. I really appreciate the detailed analysis.”

Ray C.

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