3D Cell Culture Assay Services Specializing in 3D cell culture assays, Visikol performs in vitro assays for drug screening and toxicity assessment using high content screening, confocal microscopy, ELISA, and other assays. arrow_rightHigh Content Screening
arrow_rightAntibody Pharmacokinetics
arrow_rightHepatotoxicity Screening
arrow_rightImmune Cell Infiltration
arrow_rightCancer Drug Screening
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Precision-Cut Liver Slices Our drug screening services using liver tissue obtained from human donors, precision-cut and cultured up to 96 hours for the assessment of therapeutic efficacy are the next best thing to a clinical trial. arrow_rightOverview
arrow_rightStudy Formats
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3D Tissue Imaging and Analysis Using immunolabeling, tissue clearing, and confocal microscopy, we are able to transform tissues into three-dimensional data sets for sophisticated quantitative histological analysis. arrow_rightOur Approach
arrow_right3D Tissue Imaging
arrow_right3D Image Analysis
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Histology and Digital Pathology We help our Clients shift their histopathology analysis efforts from a qualitative, human-driven approach to a quantitative, digital approach. We have worked with clients on projects ranging from simple slide digitization and cell counting to developing custom-built, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant tissue classification algorithms and software for use in a clinical setting. arrow_rightSlide Scanning
arrow_rightCell Counting
arrow_rightBiomarker Quantification
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Image Analysis Turn your images into insights. Our team is comprised of experts in quantitative image analysis. Whether you have huge volumes of high content imaging data, whole slide histopathology images, or 3D confocal stacks, our team of experts can rapidly conduct quantitative analysis of your bio-imaging data. arrow_rightSlide Scanning
arrow_rightCell Counting
arrow_rightBiomarker Quantification
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3D Cell Culture Models As experts in 3D cell culture model generation and assessment, we will find a model to match your needs. Visikol provides standardized and custom 3D cell culture models to clients that meet specific cost, throughput and bio-relevancy requirements. Learn more arrow_rightOverview
arrow_rightImportance of 3D Models
arrow_rightCustom Model Development
arrow_rightOpenLiver HepaRG NP 3D Model
arrow_rightOncology Models
Custom Drug Discovery Solutions The Visikol team is comprised of experts in assay development, imaging, image analysis and advanced in vitro models. We can work with you to develop customized research programs to address the most complex drug discovery and development problems. We offer implementation services so clients can in-source our custom-developed assays. arrow_rightCustom Drug Discovery
arrow_rightOur Approach
arrow_rightHow we work with Clients
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“I am very impressed with the thoroughness of the analysis. I hope to steer more data your way soon. Again, thank you for undertaking this at a small cost. It is much appreciated.”

Marie M., Palatin Technologies

“Thanks for getting this back so quickly, and for the thoroughness of the design and report. We look forward to working with you again!”

George M.

“We are impressed with Visikol’s reputation, resources, and expertise”

Paul Shuster, CEO, Neuromics

“A pleasure to work with. Concise and detailed report for our 3D cell assay. We’ll have more projects your way soon!”

William Holden

“Extremely impressive work, thanks for getting this back to us so quickly. I really appreciate the detailed analysis.”

Ray C.
In Vitro Assay Services
Tissue Imaging Services
Digital Pathology Services
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Antibody Penetration Assessment

We leverage advanced 3D cell culture models and our proprietary image analysis techniques to assess how biologics penetrate into solid tumors.

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Biomarker Co-localization and Quantification

We perform quantitative analysis of distribution, colocalization and spatial relationships of biomarkers and cells detected in H&E, IF, multiplex IHC and ISH slides.

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Tissue Analysis for Immuno-oncology

Automated analysis of the number, distribution, and infiltration of immune cell sub-types within tumor tissue specimens.

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OpenLiver™ HepaRG™ NP 3D

Open source liver 3D cell culture models for assessing liver toxicity and modeling disease phenotypes (e.g. NASH).

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