Image and Slide Analysis

Image and Slide Analysis2021-08-20T11:01:27-05:00

With the increase and availability of computing power in the last two decades, along with the advent of automated microscopes for high content imaging, and high performance slide scanners for digitization of histopathology slides, the use of bioimaging data in research and development has increased dramatically. Where in the past century, the majority of bioimaging was conducted manually with brightfield microscopy, the advances in computing and bioimaging in the past two decades has ushered in the era of “big data” for microscopy. Quantitative image analysis is an important tool in the modern researchers toolkit, however, expertise in computer science is required to approach the large volumes of data generated. Automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have significantly increased the sheer quantity of imaging data that can be harvested and analyzed for insights in research.

Visikol offers quantitative image analysis for high content and whole slide image datasets in conjunction with our assay and tissue imaging services, as well as a standalone service. We routinely process >100,000 images per day, there is no project too large or small.

Quantification of positive cells for immunohistochemistry

Analysis of immune cell population within and outside of tumor for immuno-oncology

Analysis of spatial relationships between cell types

Image Analysis Endpoints

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