JoVE Video Publication on Visikol HISTO for Placenta Vasculature Visualization

Visikol recently published a tutorial video presentation in JoVE on the use of Visikol HISTO tissue clearing for human placenta vasculature visualization and three-dimensional quantitative histopathology. This work was conducted in partnership with Dr. Carolyn Salafia, Dr. George Merz, Valeria Schwek, Ruchet Shah, Michael Joyce and Phillip Necaise from the Institute for Basic Research and Placental Analytics LLC.

The focus of this work was to demonstrate the routine use of Visikol HISTO to map vasculature in archived 1-2 mm thick pieces of human placenta tissue through the use of whole mount immunolabeling. It was shown that the three-dimensional renderings of these tissues could then be processed and analyzed to generate basic capillary network measures such as volume, number of capillary branches, and capillary branch end points, as validation of the suitability of this approach for capillary network characterization.

For the full article click below:

Three-dimensional Rendering and Analysis of Immunolabeled, Clarified Human Placental Villous Vascular Networks

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