Visikol Accelerates Growth with Relocation to New Facility

The move is a key milestone that will enable the company to expand its laboratory service footprint and its reagent manufacturing capability to meet increasing market demand for the company’s high content screening, digital pathology, and advanced drug discovery services

CEO Michael Johnson announced today that Visikol – a leading drug discovery and bio-imaging service provider – has officially relocated its entire operation to the Salem One Technology Complex located in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. The new facility, which will encompass office, laboratory and manufacturing areas, will quadruple the company’s physical footprint and will be a key factor in supporting the defined growth and expansion plans currently in place. In addition, the larger space will coincide with additional hires across all departments. The new space recently underwent a Visikol directed refurbishment program lead by a leading life science contracting firm so that operational and management efficiencies can be immediately implemented. “The decision to expand and relocate our entire operation was a simple one,” commented company leader Michael Johnson, “market conditions have dictated rapid growth in all areas of our organization and we needed to quickly expand our physical space to meet operational capacity. We are excited to be in a much improved facility and we negotiated a lease agreement that substantially improved our per square foot cost and includes options for an additional 6,000 square feet of adjoining space so we are well positioned for future and immediate expansion.”

Visikol’s success continues to position it as the market leader in the emerging 3D imaging and quantitative image analysis market. Recently they have announced the introduction of whole mount 3D tissue imaging services that allow any researcher to quickly transform their tissues into three-dimensional data sets. Additionally, the company is leveraging its expertise in 3D tissue imaging and advanced 3D cell culture models (e.g. organoids, microtissues, spheroids) to provide end-to-end advanced 3D in vitro services in the areas of: high content screening, high-throughput phenotypic drug screening and high content confocal imaging.

About Visikol

Visikol is focused on accelerating drug discovery through quantitative histopathology and using their patented Visikol® HISTO™ tissue clearing technology to transform tissues into three dimensional data sets that can be mined for actionable insights. When paired with fluorescent labeling and 3-D microscopy, Visikol® HISTO™ allows tissues such as 3-D cell culture models or whole tissues to be imaged in their entirety in 3-D. Visikol has leveraged this technology to launch 3Screen™ which is a high-throughput 3-D imaging platform capable of transforming tissues into 3D data sets and answering complex biological questions. The addition of 3-D histological information to the drug discovery workflow allows for complex features such as vasculature networks to be quantitatively analyzed in 3-D or for the penetration kinetics of antibodies into tumor models to be understood. The company currently offers 3Screen™ as a service to pharmaceutical/biotech companies and is continually focused on improving the platform as well as building out a suite of standardized assays. In addition to this service offering, Visikol also sells various tissue clearing reagents and kits for academic researchers that are interested in adopting the approach into their own workflows. For more information about Visikol or 3Screen™, please visit our website at

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