Visikol to Present at Corning 2018 3D Cell Culture Summit

October 26 and 17, 2018 | Sheraton Hotel | Boston, MA

3D cell culture is exploding. To capture the energy and excitement of this moment in research, Corning is bringing together industry leaders and innovators for a 3D Cell Culture User Summit. The event will be a forum to share ideas and information, discuss the future of 3D applications, and to network with key influencers in the space.

Dr. Michael Johnson will present on October 16th on Considerations and Approaches for the Complete 3D Characterization of 3D Cell Culture Models Using High Content Confocal Microscopy.


Over the last ten years 3D cell culture models (e.g., organoids, spheroids, microtissues) have been rapidly adopted by researchers looking to improve the in vivo relevant of their in vitro models. However, one of the major problems with 3D cell culture models is characterization wherein imaging-based approaches can severely bias results as they only characterize cells on the periphery of these models where they are most exposed to compounds and nutrients. This sampling bias can result in inaccurate results from studies and loses the spatial information that makes these models intrinsically more valuable than 2D cell culture models. In this presentation we will describe approaches to characterizing every cell within a 3D cell culture model through the use of confocal imaging and considerations for labeling, imaging, and image processing.

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