Come see Visikol at Society for Neuroscience – Booth 1027

From November 11 to 15th Visikol will be attending the Society for Neuroscience conference in Washington, DC. Come and learn about how Visikol HISTO can be used to add a new dimension to your neuroscience research. Visikol will be displaying its Visikol HISTO tissue clearing products that allow for the 3D microscopic visualization of whole mount tissues like entire rodent brains. Visikol is focused on making 3D microscopy easy and is excited to discuss with you how leveraging 3D information can improve your research. At our booth we will describe the following applications of our technologies:

– Owl brain connectomics

– Mapping vasculature in rodent brains

– Microscopic virtual reality to visualize your data in 3D

– 3D immunolabeling

– Whole brain light sheet microscopy


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