We recently announced our partnership with Abcam to provide researchers with application specific 3D tissue imaging kits. These kits combine the Visikol HISTO reagents with the Abcam portfolio of antibodies and are designed for specific applications such as 1 mm mouse brain imaging, neuronal organoid imaging or liver 3D cell culture model imaging. In addition to these kits, Visikol is working with Abcam to provide researchers with educational resources on tissue clearing, 3D tissue imaging, 3D tissue labeling and 3D image processing. To this end, Visikol and Abcam recently launched a four part webinar on tissue clearing titled: Understanding Tissue Clearing and Tissue Clearing Technologies.


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If you are interested in learning more about tissue clearing, download our free ebook below which details how best to implement tissue clearing into your research workflow and which tissue clearing approach is best for your specific research question.


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