Visikol® HISTO™ and Abcam Combo Kits Featured on Labmate

In early 2019, Visikol partnered with Abcam to provide researchers with tissue clearing kits for easy-to-use, rapid and high-quality 3D tissue imaging. Recently, these kits were featured on Labmate, where their utility was described in detail. The Visikol HISTO technology has been designed to be compatible with most labeling techniques and pairing with Abcam antibodies provides application specific kits.

Traditionally, 3D imaging of thick tissue sections and 3D cell culture models (organoids, microtissues, spheroids) has presented many technical challenges, including laborious and time-consuming tissue processing, layer-by-layer 2D imaging of thin sections and 3D reconstruction. By contrast, tissue clearing reagents can expedite detailed 3D imaging by reducing the need for these steps, while providing a more accurate reflection of biological structures.

Developed with the Visikol HISTO technology, the Abcam tissue clearing kits use simple protocols, standard laboratory equipment, and are compatible with immunostaining, fluorescent protein and chemical dyes. Clearing is also reversible, for conventional H&E or IHC staining following 3D imaging.

For more information online, visit Abcam and Visikol websites

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