Come Visit Visikol at the College of American Pathologists at Booth #216

This year’s College of American Pathologists annual meeting will take place in Orlando, Florida from September 21st to the 26th. The Visikol team will be at booth #216 and will be discussing its digital pathology, multiplex and 3D tissue imaging services.

When a lot of researchers think of Visikol, they think of the companies tissue clearing reagents and kits that allow for the complete 3D characterization of tissues through the use of confocal and light sheet microscopy. However, over the last few years, Visikol has transitioned into an imaging, image analysis and advanced cell culture focused contract research organization and today offers 3D tissue imaging as a service as well as digital pathology and 3D cell culture assays.

“To support our 3D tissue imaging services and products, we had developed a large suite of image analysis tools for both 2D and 3D data sets and began to apply these tools to help our Clients with their traditional 2D slide-based samples in 2017. Beginning to offer digital pathology services a little over two years ago was the logical next step in offering best-in-class imaging and drug discovery services to our Clients,” described Visikol Chief Executive Officer Dr. Michael Johnson.

Visikol offers pathology services to its Clients that include traditional H&E and IHC tissue preparation, slide scanning, fluorescent immunolabeling and multiplex labeling as well as imaging. All of these services can leverage either Visikol’s 3Screen™ image analysis software suite and/or evaluation by a board-certified Pathologist. At CAP this year, Visikol will be specifically focusing its presentations and data on immuno-oncology digital pathology and multiplex imaging. Visikol has demonstrated the ability to acquire a tremendous amount of information from a single slide and to answer many complex questions such as quantifying immune cell infiltration kinetics as well as how different immune cell sub-types behave.

Due to the cost of immuno-oncology therapeutics and consequently patient/animal data and samples, it is crucial to extract as much information as is possible from a single piece of tissue in order to better inform a clinical trial or a drug discovery program. Visikol partners closely with its pharmaceutical Clients to understand their specific research questions in order to create a labeling and data analysis plan for every tissue. Once wet tissues, FFPE blocks or slides are transferred to Visikol, the team at Visikol leverages its validated antibodies and immunolabeling approaches to ensure the highest quality imaging data is obtained through either slide scanning or automated confocal microscopy. After Visikol has generated a library of imaging data or a Client has transferred their own imaging data to Visikol, the team works to create and validate a robust image analysis pipeline for distilling this data down into the Clients desired endpoints.

As a company in the digital pathology space, Visikol is very unique with its expertise in advanced image analysis and multiplex imaging, but also because it leads the field in clinical digital pathology solutions. While there are several companies pursuing applications of machine learning and digital pathology in the clinic to address pathology limitations, Visikol was actually one of the first to accomplish this task through its development of digital pathology machine learning software to support the development of Enzyvant Therapeutic’s RVT-802.

Therefore, if you are interested in discussing your digital pathology projects in more detail with the fields leading experts, stop by Visikol booth #216.

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