An Overview of HUREL Products

You may have read about HUREL services at Visikol in one of our latest blogs (if not, check it out here), and this week we would like to shed some light on HUREL Products.

Our HUREL micro livers are 2D self-assembling co-cultures (SACCs) of primary cryopreserved hepatocytes combined with a non-parenchymal (stromal) cell line. HUREL micro livers demonstrate excellent metabolic competency as well as phenotypic stability for use in long term culture – two key features that make these plates integral to our clients around the globe.

We can ship ready-to-use plates in a variety of species, both large and small animals as well as pooled human, and plate formats directly to your lab’s doorstep to be used in your own workflows. Curious to learn more?

Let’s explore what a HUREL shipment looks like below:


  • To ensure products are delivered to our clients unharmed, we have developed a robust packaging method designed with viability in mind. Each shipment includes:
    • Plated cells
    • Complimentary dosing and maintenance media
    • Spare plate lids
    • Heat packs to maintain optimal temperature during shipping
    • Disposable temperature logger for quality assurance
    • COA lot information
    • Unpacking and usage protocol

Orders will arrive in signature Visikol packaging, complete with an inner and outer Styrofoam cooler within.

Open Cardboard Box with Styrofoam Insert

Inner cooler arrives safely and securely nestled between two Styrofoam spacers.

Hurel Products Inside Styrofoam Box

Media, plate lids, and cells can be found within the inner cooler.


  • Shipping is made simple – simply provide the address where you would like your plates delivered and we will handle all the logistics. We can ship both domestically and internationally.
    • Every international shipment comes equipped with a GPS tracker to ensure your plates arrive safely to you.

Ready To Use

  • To start using your plates, simply remove the cell culture plate from the protective sleeve, remove the rubber bands, remove the lid, peel off the sealing film and you are ready to go!

To learn more about Visikol’s HUREL micro livers and how they can help advance your DMPK studies, check out this video and reach out to our team today for a quote!

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