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Add 3D imaging and digital analysis to your lab


Reach out to us with any questions you have on Visikol HISTO for whole tissues or Visikol HISTO-M for 3D cell cultures (e.g. organoids, microtissues, spheroids).  All you have to do is add your labels (e.g. antibodies, fluorescent protein, chemical dyes), use a few common laboratory reagents (e.g. PBS, methanol/ ethanol), find a confocal microscope and you are ready to go! 

Build a protocol

To develop a protocol for your specific research application we have designed a protocol guidebook. This guidebook was built with feedback from over 400 research labs from around the world and will guide in optimizing sample prep, fixation, labeling, permeabilization and imaging.

For more detailed protocols, guidance, imaging considerations and an FAQ on Visikol HISTO and Visikol HISTO-M check out our Visikol HISTO Guidebook.

Technical Support

Contact with any questions of a technical nature. Questions about chemical compatibility, method equivalence, technical data, product specifications, and any questions about procedures or methodology can be directed here.

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Contact with any questions about ordering, shipping, or wholesale pricing.