Botanical Microscopy Gallery

See what's possible with Visikol. Every image here was obtained using authenticated samples, cleared and mounted in Visikol.


We created this gallery to give you a better idea of what's possible with Visikol, and to provide useful information to our customers. We hope this gallery of microscopic images will help you identify anatomical features characteristic to your products.  As we gain authenticated samples, we will expand the gallery to create a definitive reference source for botanical and agricultural product identification.

Visual references sources for botanical authentication (such as illustrated monographs, or other quality control texts and pharmacopoeias) allows any microscopist to identify characteristic anatomical features that aid in authentication of the identity of products. Such useful reference texts can be quite expensive, but we believe that knowledge is more valuable when it is available to everyone. And so, we have committed to building an open-source library of information and photographs to help all of our customers attain the best possible quality in their products.

 All images in this gallery were obtained after treatment with Visikol.