Visikol® HISTO-2™ Overview

Visikol® HISTO-2™ Overview2019-01-10T17:58:20-05:00

With the Visikol® HISTO™ tissue clearing approach you are now able to rapidly and easily image tissues in 3D without damaging the underlying cellular morphology. The Visikol HISTO approach has been designed to pair with immunolabeling and is reversible so that 3D histology can be followed up with traditional 2D histology. The Visikol HISTO tissue clearing approach is comprised of two different reagents called Visikol HISTO-1 and Visikol HISTO-2 where Visikol HISTO-2 is used first and Visikol HISTO-2 is used second. However, for small tissues such as thin brain slices (500 um), only Visikol HISTO-1 is required and tissues can be imaged in Visikol HISTO-1. Larger tissues must be placed in Visikol HISTO-2 to finish clearing and then these samples can be imaged in Visikol HISTO-2.

Visikol HISTO-2 has a refractive index of 1.53 and approx. 7 mL is required per whole mouse brain.

Product Details

Refractive Index: 1.53

Viscosity: 76 cP – Brookfield Spindle HA-02, 100rpm, 22C

Composition: Organic solvent based


Visikol HISTO-2 can be stored indefinitely at room temperature away from direct sunlight.