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Microscopy is an important tool in research laboratories, allowing scientists to peer deep within and observe the inner workings of nature. Scientists have used the clearing agent chloral hydrate for over a century to help increase transparency and clarity of specimens observed under the microscope. Unfortunately due to its status as a DEA Schedule IV substance, chloral hydrate can be prohibitively difficult to obtain. Visikol was developed as a substitute so that researchers can avoid these compliance headaches. 

Clearing allows for high-quality images and improved data for research and publications.  


Removes the need for sectioning of tissues.  

Samples do not need to be dehydrated or destained before using Visikol. 

Visikol can be combined with a large number of well-known stains, fixatives and media. 

Peer Reviewed

Visikol® for Plant Biology
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The performance of Visikol was evaluated in comparison to chloral hydrate and Visikol was demonstrated to be effective in clearing a number of botanical species, including: Arabidopsis thalianaOriganum vulgaris (oregano), Ocimum americanum (lime basil), and Zingiber officianale (ginger).  This work has been published by scientists at Rutgers University and CUNY-BMCC in a peer reviewed article in Applications in Plant Sciences, published by the Botanical Society of America. This journal is Open Access and so this article is available to the public.