As experts in cutting-edge bio-imaging, and 2D and 3D cell culture models, Visikol offers a wide-range of high content screening (HCS) services to clients.  At Visikol Inc, our team of experts is here to walk your team through every step of the high content screening workflow. From offering rapid custom assay development (3-4 week turnaround time), to our robust “menu” of in vitro screening services, our team is highly flexible in how we work with clients. No client is too big or too small: we work with small virtual pharma companies to provide end-to-end compound screening services, and we also work with Big Pharma in the development of custom high content screening workflows for on-site implementation for larger screening pipelines.

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Comfortable with any model

We recognize the importance of 3D cell culture due to improved in vivo relevancy and relatively low-cost. 3D cell culture is growing and changing rapidly, as myriad models, lines, media, and matrices are adopted throughout the industry, each with distinct advantages and caveats. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in 3D cell culture, and as such, we work closely with our clients to define exactly which model is appropriate for their specific research question or screening campaign. We have partnerships with major providers of 3D models and we have in-house capabilities to grow any models required.

Any target, any label

Our team of experts has worked on countless projects of all shapes and sizes, from microtissues to prostate biopsies to whole owl brains. We have developed a robust method for optimization and validation of new targets, and coupled with our knowledge of high content imaging, we can quantify nearly any target using nearly any label.

Rapid turnaround

Tired of waiting 6 months for data from CROs, and then waiting 6 more months to act on it? Drug discovery happens fast, and high content screening was built for speed.  Our team uses automation, computerization, and robotics to accelerate high content screening. Typical turnaround time for 3-color assays is 3-4 weeks.

Images into insights

A typical HCS assay can easily generate > 100,000 images which is a major bottleneck for processing and analyzing data. Using our purpose-built image processing pipeline, we quickly parse through tens of thousands of images to obtain quantitative data, extracting cell counts, features, labels, and compiling statistical comparisons between groups simultaneously. We do the hard part of sifting through gigabyte after gigabyte to distill your data down to the essence, delivering finalized reports that allow you to make the right decisions, and act quickly.

We work closely with our clients to define the exact needs of a project.  We are amenable to small-scale proof-of-concept work to build your confidence that your screening campaign will be in good hands.  Please reach out directly to discuss your HCS needs.

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Dr. Erin Edwards  Director of  In Vitro  Services

Dr. Erin Edwards

Director of In Vitro Services