To ensure that you receive the highest quality images from your tissues and achieve the deepest imaging possible, we have a set of defined sample prep guidelines. 

Tissue Removal

The best quality images will be obtained from tissues that have been perfusion fixed as perfusion will remove blood that can cause unwanted background fluorescence. Perfusion is especially important for brain, heart, liver and kidney tissues. However, large non-perfusion fixed tissues such as a whole mouse brain or kidney can be used but it is suggested that they are bisected (i.e. cut into hemispheres) so that they can be properly fixed. You can ship whole tissues (e.g. a mouse brain hemisphere) or you can slice your 1 mm sections and send those. 


Tissues that are not perfusion fixed should be placed in 4% PFA overnight at 4C followed by 1 hour at room temperature. Following fixation, tissues should be rinsed with 10 mL of PBS 3 times to remove leftover fixative and then placed in PBS with 0.05% sodium azide. 


Tissues should be placed individually in falcon tubes with PBS+azide such that the entire falcon tube is filled. If your tissues have endogenous fluorescence (e.g. GFP, tdTomato, etc) make sure to wrap in tin foil. If you are shipping multiple samples at the same time please label each individual falcon tube and specify the desired labels on a piece of paper that is placed in the shipping box. Ship all samples to Visikol Inc, 295 US 22, Suite 10, Whitehouse Station, NJ, 08889.