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Particle Engineering

Our dedicated group of crystallization experts has a legacy of success in process development, particle size analysis and technology transfer.

Method Development

The method development team follows a rigorous approach that results in reliable methods for any of your needs from raw materials testing to commercial release of drug substance and drug product.

Material Science

We provide a range of screens built with the ICH Q6A guideline in mind to identify the best solid form to overcome developability issues, including bioavailability, or to modulate properties for new uses. Polymorph and enabling form screens determine the propensity of different solid forms and their most important properties, often as a precursor to developing a robust crystallization process.

Litigation Support

Technical packages are designed for ease of use in preparing patent applications. We routinely assist attorneys and agents with the science and technical muscle required to support the patent applications of our mutual clients, helping these patent professionals with all that is necessary to draft effective and comprehensive claims based on the invention and the characterization data.

Analytical Services

We offer advanced analytical technologies including spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, mapping and imaging, thermal analysis, and microscopy.