1mm Standard Tissue Imaging Service

1mm Standard Tissue Imaging Service


We recognize that labeling, clearing and imaging your tissues might be too time consuming or challenging for your lab and we are here to help. Through our 3Screen™ platform we offer standard whole mount imaging prices and rapid turn around time.

Standard Whole Mount Imaging - $500 per 1 mm tissue section

  • 3 X 3 X 1 MM (X,Y,Z) tissue size
  • One Visikol HISTO validated antibody + nuclear staining
  • 10 micron z-step, 10X magnification, 9 stitched fields of 828x828 micron each,  approx. 1,800 images (1104x1104px, 14-bit) TIF or DIB images (2 color channels)
  • USB stick with data mailed to your address
  • 2 week turn-around time from receipt of tissues to shipment of USB
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How It Works

Step 1: Choose a label from our validated antibody list

You can choose 1 label from this list and your tissue will also be labeled with a nuclear stain. 

Step 2: Process your tissue

We provide step-by-step tissue processing details here

Step 3: Ship your tissue

Send your tissue to Visikol at:

Visikol Inc.

c/o Laboratory Manager

675 US Highway #1 North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Step 4: Get your data

Visikol will send you a USB drive with all of your imaging data as .tif files

For any questions email us at info@visikol.com

If you are interested in additional imaging parameters than our standard service offering described here check out our additional services prices below and email us at info@visikol.com for a quote. 

Item Price Unit
Standard tissue processing fee $300 Per 1 mm section
Standard imaging fee (10X, 10 µm z step) $200 Per 1 mm section
Premium imaging fee (10X, 5 µm z step) $400 Per 1 mm section
Basic imaging fee (10X, 20 µm z step) $100 Per 1 mm section
Validation of non-validated antibody
$750 Per antibody
Additional imaging channel (includes antibody/probe) $250 Per 1 mm section
Image analysis services
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Imaging of tissues more than 1 mm thick
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