Visikol Becomes VIP Supplier on Marketplace

Visikol, a leading drug discovery company focused on advanced imaging, digital pathology and 3D cell culture assays, announced today that it has become a member of’s VIP program. Only service providers that achieve a high customer satisfaction rating and that commit to maintaining superior customer service are invited to join the program.

“For years, pharmaceutical and biotech companies struggled with adopting the most cutting edge and innovative technologies and services as working with new vendors and transacting created a lot of friction that slowed down the process and ultimately a Scientist’s access to these technologies. has done an amazing job at reducing this barrier to adoption and the friction of working with cutting edge service providers like Visikol. We are proud to be added to the VIP program and look forward to continuing to help our Clients accelerate their drug discovery and development efforts,” described Visikol CEO Michael Johnson, PhD.


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