Custom Drug Discovery Solutions

Custom Drug Discovery Solutions2019-02-24T13:41:38-05:00

While we have a suite of standard assays and services that we offer to our Clients, a large portion of the work we do is bespoke projects for Clients or customizations of our existing services. We pride ourselves on our ability to partner with Clients to come up with customized solutions to help them address their research questions. What all of these projects have in common is that they leverage either our expertise in imaging, image analysis or advanced in vitro models.

How we approach custom projects

We have access to the most cutting-edge biology, imaging tools and image analysis solutions in the drug discovery space. We partner with clients to intimately understand their research question and then begin each project by defining a possible solution to addressing this problem. We actively work for with our Clients to minimize cost and increase throughput as well as to define the specific endpoints for the project. The goal of all of our projects is to distill down a large set of data to an actionable report that can be used to make a more informed decision during the drug discovery process. We typically stage our custom projects with several stage gates and begin with a small pilot study before moving into the majority of the project.

Example projects

  • Machine learning software development for tissue classification

  • Development of thymus organoid model

  • Assessment of bioprinting for the recapitulation of tumor microenvironment

  • Mapping and quantifying blood vessel regression in retina

  • Tau protein burden in whole mouse brains

  • Tracking Zika spread from mother to infant via breast milk

  • Precision cut lung slice fibrosis quantification

  • Blood brain barrier in vitro model development

  • Assay for 3D mild traumatic brain injury quantification

  • Echocardiogram image analysis

  • Development of X-ray CT software for skeletal evaluation

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