Highly Multiplexed Immunohistochemistry for Your Study2021-05-26T10:43:40-05:00

Fluorescent Multiplexing

Our robust multiplexing technique is compatible with any antibody that has been validated for use in immunohistochemistry and produces data sets that are aligned using computational co-registration to achieve an image stack with 10+ channels.

Imaging Mass Cytometry

Generate images with a wide range of antibody panels and simultaneously characterize up to 37 antibody markers on a single slide.

Easily Access Data

Our encrypted cloud-based image sharing platform called BitSlide allows any researcher to easily access and visualize their multiplex dataset without ever having to download the files or use specialized image analysis software.

More Labels. More Endpoints.

Our core expertise is transforming tissues into quantitative data sets that we can then use to answer complex research questions. Our image processing algorithms and image analysis team make even high-plex datasets easy to understand.

Visikol uses Multiplex Imaging Tools with HMH

Visikol’s approach to multiplex imaging will provide important insights in the TB drug discovery process that are both timely and data driven.

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Immuno-oncology Drug Discovery

Immuno-Oncology Discovery

The main goals of immuno-oncology therapeutics (immunotherapies) is to stimulate the immune system to be able to identify and selectively attack cancer cells, or mimic components of the immune system in the lab that can be used to restore/improve the immune system.

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Recent Advances in Immuno-oncology

There has recently been a shift towards finding effective combinations of treatments such as pairing a checkpoint inhibitor with a costimulatory receptor to improve response rates.

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High Content Screening For Immune Modulators

Cancer immunotherapies that target T cells via the blockage of immune checkpoints are a promising approach for cancer treatment.

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Leica & Visikol: Multiplex Webinar

This webinar provides a background on various multiplex tissue imaging approaches and describes how they can be used to answer complex research questions.

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Our Multiplex Immunolabel Approach

This blog post outlines Visikol’s approach to stripping and immunolabeling tissues for multiplex imaging.

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Multiplex Slide Imaging Approaches

This overview outlines the two fundamental approaches for multiplex slide imaging: fluorescence and imaging mass cytometry (i.e. CyTOF).

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Visikol’s Imaging Mass Cytometry Services

Check out our imaging mass cytometry services page for a full review of our IMC service offerings and capabilities.

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