Assay development services based on cleared-tissue image analysis

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1. Define Scope

What is the problem and what are the endpoints?

Customized assay endpoints based on tissue clearing. 
Let us help you get the most out of your tissues.

Visikol - Adult rabbit eyeball injected with collagen nanoparticles, cleared with Visikol HISTO.jpg

Nanoparticle drug delivery

Localize nanoparticles within intact tissues 

Visikol-proliferation spheroid.png

Antiproliferative drug microtissue screening

Visikol-mammary tumor ki67.png

2. Pilot Project

We work with you to develop proof of concept for desired endpoints

Typically 2-3 week turnaround on pilot projects. We optimize methodology customized to your requirements and imaging capabilities.

3.  Implementation

Visikol will develop the assay as a custom service or for implementation into your lab

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