Turning Images into Insights

3Screen™Advanced Drug Discovery Services


In Vitro Assays

Combine biomimetic 3D cell culture models with true 3D analysis. We also offer 2D in vitro screening services for higher throughput applications. 

  • Antibody penetration

  • Apoptosis

  • Angiogenesis

  • Cell Proliferation

  • Cholestatis

  • Fibrosis

Whole Mount Analysis Services

Add a new dimension to your histological workflow and characterize whole tissues in 3D.

  • Vasculature Mapping

  • Nanoparticle Penetration

  • Neuron Activation

  • Immunohistochemistry

  • Protein Expression

  • Viral Infections

Digital Pathology Services

Move beyond qualitative analysis and towards quantitative pathology.

  • Feature Extraction

  • Clustering Analysis/Classification

  • Slide Scanning

  • Quantitative Pathology

  • Imaging Cytometry

End-to-End Drug Discovery Solutions

As a contract research organization, Visikol is focused on transforming tissues into actionable insights through the use of advanced imaging techniques and quantitative digital image analysis. Our goal as a company is to not only offer best-in-class technologies services, but to partner with clients throughout the drug discovery process and offer end-to-end study design and study execution solutions.

The 3Screen tissue imaging and analysis platform is agnostic to the type of tissue being utilized whereas Visikol has employed every conceivable imaging platform (e.g. confocal/light sheet microscopy, X-ray CT, Optical CT, MRI) and model from advanced in vitro models (e.g. spheroids, organoids, microtissues) to owl brains and archived (i.e. FFPE) human biopsy samples.

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Drug Discovery as a Service

We are committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and advanced assays for use in the drug discovery pipeline. In addition to being the leader in the three-dimensional tissue imaging and image analysis space, Visikol also has access to a wide range of 2D and 3D in vitro models and can provide end-to-end screening services. Visikol end-to-end drug discovery services are as simple as sending plates of compounds or antibodies to Visikol and receiving detailed reports and data sets. We work closely with clients to develop custom assay solutions and also have a suite of standardized assays. 

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