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Two-dimensional Histology

While Visikol was originally formed to address the problem of being able to acquire 3D microscopy data from tissues, there is a secondary, but also fundamental limitation with histology. This limitation is that histology is currently a qualitative art where pathologists qualitatively analyze tissues.

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The 3Screen™ Difference

Over the last few decades digital image analysis approaches have advanced to a point where it is possible to quantitatively analyze histology data instead of the traditional qualitative and subjective approach. This provides extreme advantages for throughput and consistency of results. At Visikol we are leveraging our expertise in digital imaging analysis to bring quantitative slide analysis to your workflow.

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How it Works

  1. Define your research question, morphological features and desired end-points.

  2. Send Visikol slides for slide scanning or digital renderings of slides.

  3. Visikol extracts key features from digital renderings and analyzes based upon research question.

  4. Visikol returns quantitative analysis report back to the customer.

Affordable Digital Pathology Services

Through our suite of 3Screen digital pathology tools we can extract thousands of features (e.g. nuclei size, distribution etc) from slides instantaneously. This means that complex questions and quantitative assays (e.g. transplant quality control) can be developed where traditionally a qualitative approach would be limited. The shift to quantitative histology means that for your drug discovery and pre-clinical efforts that quantitative fingerprints can be developed for your tissues that allow ranking and comparison across hundreds of dimensions (e.g. necrosis, cell death). We also understand that the jump to digital pathology can be big for many research groups that have relied on traditional histopathology and therefore we typically begin all of our service projects with short and inexpensive pilot studies so you can quickly see how digital pathology fits into your research workflow. 

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Slide Scanning Services

The first step in shifting from traditional qualitative histopathology to digital pathology is to scan your slides and get them into a digital format - We are there to help. 

  • Whole slide imaging.

  • High resolution images up to 40x preserved digitally.

  • H&E, IHC, and fluorescent stains.

  • Images are compatible with most image-analysis systems.

  • Raw images can be returned via hard drive or viewed online.

  • Secure and simple access to files.

Quantitative Histopathology Analysis

Visikol's 3Screen digital pathology services leverage its proprietary image analysis pipelines which allow for rapid turnaround times, competitive pricing and customized feature extraction. The Visikol team is focused on distilling your pathology slides into quantitative metrics that can be analyzed holistically to generate actionable insights. 

General Terms and Conditions

  • Customizable feature extraction for morphology of interest

  • Automated feature quantification from digital pathology slides using 3Screen software.

  • Reproducible and accurate quantitative data for developing quality control assays, dose response effects and addressing complex biological questions.

  • Suite of algorithms that include: co-localization, area analysis, H-score, biomarker analysis, intensity thresholding and structure differentiation.

  • Generation of multi-dimensional data outputs that can be processed using 3Screen clustering analysis.