Multiplex IHC and Imaging

Multiplex IHC and Imaging2019-02-15T21:40:10-05:00

Characterize multiple biomarkers simultaneously

At Visikol, our core expertise is in transforming tissues into quantitative data sets that we can then use to answer complex research questions. While much of our digital pathology work is comprised of H&E staining, immunohistochemistry is an invaluable tool for assessing protein and receptor expression in tissue samples. Visikol offers single and multiplex labeling, imaging and analysis services to meet those needs. Multiplexing allows for the evaluation of multiple markers within a single slide simultaneously which dramatically increases the information that can be gathered from a single slide, enabling multiple research questions to be addressed. By combining up to five labels at a time, using fluorescent slide scanning, and utilizing our 3Screen™ image analysis algorithms, we can co-localize multiple imaging channels and identify which cells exhibit specific characteristics, to break down the populations of cells by receptor expression, protein expression, etc. This ability to multiplex enables researchers to understand how sub populations of cells respond to therapeutics and also helps understand the complex underpinnings of disease progression.

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