Immunohistochemistry and Multiplex IHC2021-01-22T16:13:21-05:00

Characterize multiple biomarkers simultaneously

At Visikol, our core expertise is in transforming tissues into quantitative data sets that we can then use to answer complex research questions. Immunohistochemistry is an extremely valuable tool for assessing cell type, and protein and receptor expression in tissue samples. We are experts at immunolabeling, and will conduct a project with any antibody. We offer standard chromogenic immunohistochemistry in 1- or 2-plex, and for higher multiplex, we utilize fluorescent secondaries to allow 4 to 5 markers simultaneously. For extremely high-plex (> 5 markers), we will sequentially stain with 4-5 markers and strip, repeating the process until the total number of targets is reached, and use our image processing algorithms to co-register the fluorescent images to create a high-plex dataset.

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