Immunolabeling 3D Cell Culture Models

Immunolabeling 3D Cell Culture Models2023-03-16T10:29:37-05:00

Experts at Immunolabeling

Immunolabeling is an extremely powerful technique which allows for the labeling of virtually any cell structure or protein present within cells. Due to the huge marketplace of antibodies available, almost every target of interest has a tightly-binding antibody available for use in immunolabeling procedures.

Using our proprietary antigen retrieval and antibody permeabilization techniques, virtually every target can be labeled for fluorescent imaging. With quantitative analysis of images obtained from immunolabeled samples, nearly any protein or cell structure can be quantified for your project.

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Validated Approach using Validated Antibodies

As experts in immunolabeling, Visikol Inc. has worked with hundreds of antibodies for labeling nearly every type of tissue. Our approach to antigen retrieval and tissue permeabilization has been validated on very large pieces of tissue and whole rodent organs, where we are able to label across several millimeters of tissue.

We work closely with providers of antibodies, such as AbCam and ThermoFisher, to select only validated, high quality antibodies for use in our immunolabeling procedures. We only work with antibodies that have been validated for immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry, ensuring the best results for our clients.

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Quantitative Analysis of Immunolabeled Models

Using our Molecular Devices ImageExpress Micro Confocal, we can rapidly quantify multiplex immunolabeled 3D cell models. We compile reports which detail the extent of your label of interest broken down at a cellular resolution. By using cell-specific labels, we can quantify expression of biomarkers by cell type.

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