Visikol to present at SELECTBIO’s December 2021 Conference

Visikol’s Director of Drug Discovery, Peter Worthington Ph.D.,
to Present at
SELECTBIO’s 3D-Cell Culture, Organoids, and Organs-on-Chips Conference

Balancing Cost, Throughput and In Vivo Relevancy for In Vitro Liver Studies

Wednesday, 15 December 2021 at 14:00

While we can generate ever more complex advanced cell culture models for use in our in vitro programs, not all research questions require this level of complexity. Through this presentation, Dr. Worthington will discuss how to balance cost, throughput and in vivo relevancy in the context of drug induced liver injury (DILI) and modeling liver disease (NASH, NAFLD). The presentation will review the use cases and applications for 2D cell culture models, 3D spheroid models and ex vivo precision cut tissue slice model

Peter WorthingtonPeter Worthington Ph.D., Director of Drug Discovery, Visikol

Dr. Worthington is the Director of Drug Discovery at Visikol where he oversees the companies advanced cell culture assays and models. Through his time at Visikol, Dr. Worthington has developed several novel 3D cell culture assays and models which the company now leverages to help its clients accelerate their drug discovery and development programs.

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