How We Work with Clients

How We Work with Clients2022-08-04T12:46:23-05:00

Customized Approach to Drug Discovery

We see ourselves as an extension of our Client’s research team. We work with our Clients in a number of different ways depending on the specific project. Typically projects leverage our expertise in either high content or confocal imaging, image analysis or 3D cell culture models. We also conduct service projects on a wide range of different types of projects from end-to-end animal studies, compound screening using custom in vitro models, or algorithm development including building 21 CFR part 11 compliant digital pathology software for use in the clinic by our client. Most of our Clients send us tissues for labeling and imaging, send compounds/antibodies for assaying efficacy/toxicity in vitro, or provide us physical/digital microscope slides for image analysis.

We have an expertise in image processing, with a specialty in large image sets. Our team can work to develop customized image processing workflows to batch-process thousands, even millions of images in a quantitative and reproducible manner. We have worked on projects to quantify image data from countless imaging modalities including optical coherence tomography (OCT), FITC-dextran in vivo angiography, ultrasound, MRI and CT, phase contrast microscopy, and many others.

We understand in drug discovery, confidentiality is critical to our clients, and so we do not need to know the identity of biomarkers, compounds, and targets. As long as we know where a biomarker should be expressed, and the client provides the antibody used for labeling, we can operate blind to the identity of your targets.

Regardless of the specific project, we typically aim to have the final output of all of our projects to be a simple PDF report that allows a Client to easily interpret their specified assay endpoints. We provide all data generated throughout the project, as well as tabulated data, and statistical analysis. For larger clients wishing to in-source the assays we develop, we offer comprehensive implementation services to deliver assay protocols, image processing workflows, techniques and procedures required to conduct the assay. We have even worked to validate custom image processing pipelines for 21 CFR part 11 compliance and subsequent FDA approval for use in the clinic.

Open line of communication

Our approach to custom drug discovery projects is to spend time upfront with our Clients detailing the specifics of the project and the required endpoints. We typically will have one or more meetings between the Client’s team and our technical team to discuss the project in great detail to develop a statement of work. Once a statement of work is developed and approved by the Client, the project is kicked off and our technical team continually communicates with the Client throughout the project to ensure that the assay endpoints meet the Client’s expectations.