X-Ray CT Imaging Services

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As a leading provider of advanced imaging and image analysis solutions, Visikol has recently expanded its portfolio of services to include X-ray CT imaging and image analysis. The addition of an X-ray CT capability allows Visikol to provide its Clients with an additional imaging modality that is capable of addressing a new scope of research questions. This capability can now be used in conjunction with Visikol’s other 3D confocal imaging and multiplex imaging services to acquire multi-modal data sets from tissues in a wide variety of spatial contexts and imaging resolutions.

Imaging Workflow

Clients send to Visikol samples for imaging and within three weeks Visikol will send back DICOM files or other data file formats. Additionally, Visikol can provide quantitative image analysis of the samples if required for a specific research question. For example, Visikol commonly assists with developmental and reproductive toxicology (DART) studies with the quantitative assessment of skeletal features for abnormalities and can provide measurements for each individual bone.

Imaging System

Albira® PET/CT (Carestream Molecular Imaging). The Carestream Albira® PET/CT provides two powerful imaging modalities for pre-clinical in vivo molecular imaging.  These capabilities include Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and X-ray Computed Tomography (CT).  The state-of-the-art detector system consists of continuous crystals coupled to PSMPTs and advanced PET detector electronics.  This PET and CT are ideally suited for quantitative 3D imaging in small animal models such as mice and rats.  The system is a fully shielded cabinet X-ray system to provide users the safest working environment.

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