Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are and What We Do2024-03-20T13:34:10-05:00

Who is Visikol?

Visikol is a contract research services company that is focused on accelerating the drug discovery and development process by providing its clients with advanced tissue imaging and advanced cell culture services, in addition to other offerings. As a strong industry partner, Visikol proudly counts the top twenty pharmaceutical companies as clients and has been involved in dozens of drug discovery efforts.

What Makes Us Different?

We differentiate ourselves through our expertise in advanced imaging and image analysis, 3D cell culture models and AI-enhanced digital pathology. The Visikol team has several patented and proprietary technologies for tissue imaging, tissue processing, and image analysis.

Ways to Work With Us

Cells Colored with Cell Painting Technique

In Vitro and Cell Culture Assays

As a contract research organization, Visikol offers a suite of validated assays utilizing 3D cell culture models, as well as traditional monolayer models. Our specialties include assay endpoints useful for drug discovery and screening compounds for pharmaceutical development, also offering screening for compound efficacy and the evaluation of toxicological liabilities.

Services Include:

Digital Pathology

We have developed a custom-built image analysis and digital pathology toolbox, allowing us to quantitatively analyze image data obtained from histological sections to assess things such as tumor area, to quantify nuclear morphology, and to allow for the use of machine learning techniques for slide classification. By working closely with our clients we determine the best digital pathology approach for their specific research question and, if needed, will develop a customized solution.

Services Include:

Multiplex blue and green image

Image and Slide Analysis

We provide quantitative image and data analysis services for high content and whole slide image datasets, either as a standalone service or in conjunction with our assay and tissue imaging services. Our cutting-edge technology and experienced team allows us the ability to routinely process terabytes of images per day, ensuring that no project is too large or small.

Services Include-

Drug Discovery

Because drug discovery and development is a long, costly, and complicated process, it is critical to choose a partner with experience in relevant domains. Visikol is a partner who will bring cutting-edge techniques and methods to address your research questions.

Service Areas Include:

Rat Micro Liver

HUREL Micro Livers

HUREL® micro livers are self-assembling co-cultures (SACCs) of primary cryopreserved hepatocytes combined with a non-parenchymal (stromal) cell line. The hepatocytes spontaneously self-assemble into colonies. This patented form of liver cell culture has been demonstrated, in peer-reviewed studies, to produce the longest-enduring, most phenotypically stable and metabolically competent of any liver tissue construct developed in the world to date.

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