Visikol Secures New Round of Funding Led by Industry Experienced Executives

Funds will be used to help scale Visikol’s 3Screen™ drug discovery service business which combines quantitative histopathology with the patented Visikol® HISTO™ tissue clearing technology.

It was announced today by CEO Dr. Michael Johnson that Visikol, a leader in the emerging 3D imaging market, has completed a financing round with Pharma Services Industry executives Brian Mulhall and Alan Weiss. Specific terms of this investment round were not made public but Dr. Johnson commented that the deal was significant in terms of dollars and puts Visikol on a clear road to success in 2018. These funds will be used to develop cutting edge bio-imaging services for drug discovery such as best in class 3D in vitro cell culture assays as well as expand the company’s commercial operations.

Over the next year, Visikol plans to expand its drug discovery services by adding new assays in the fields of in vitro screening, whole mount imaging and digital pathology. All of these 3Screen™ services leverage the company’s patented 3D tissue imaging technology called Visikol® HISTO™ as well their proprietary digital pathology analysis algorithms.

“The Visikol team has developed and patented a new emerging 3D imaging technology that has the ability to significantly alter and improve the drug discovery process”, commented Alan Weiss. “We are very optimistic that the expanding service platform, coupled with the recent closing of a distribution deal that will enable worldwide access to the Visikol® HISTO™ product line, have the company positioned to be the cutting edge leader in this field. We are extremely excited about the future success of Visikol and look forward to being part of it.”

The Visikol platform offers many distinct advantages in the early stage drug discovery process over the 1D and 2D imaging approaches that most drug research and discovery companies are employing. Visikol’s 3D in vitro cell culture services leverage the companies Visikol® HISTO™ technology combined with high throughput confocal imaging and quantitative histology to provide the market’s first truly 3D in vitro assays which extract all of the data from these advanced models. This same technology is applied through Visikol’s whole mount imaging services which are shifting the paradigm of histopathology from the traditional 2D slide-based qualitative approach to a more complete and quantitative analysis platform for more accurately characterizing complex and heterogenous tissues.

About Visikol

Visikol is focused on accelerating drug discovery through quantitative histopathology and using their patented Visikol® HISTO™ tissue clearing technology to transform tissues into three dimensional data sets that can be mined for actionable insights. When paired with fluorescent labeling and 3D microscopy, Visikol® HISTO™ allows tissues such as 3D cell culture models or whole tissues to be imaged in their entirety in 3D. Visikol has leveraged this technology to launch 3Screen™ which is a high-throughput 3D imaging platform capable of transforming tissues into 3D data sets and answering complex biological questions. The addition of 3D histological information to the drug discovery workflow allows for complex features such as vasculature networks to be quantitatively analyzed in 3D or for the penetration kinetics of antibodies into tumor models to be understood. The company currently offers 3Screen™ as a service to pharmaceutical/biotech companies and is continually focused on improving the platform as well as building out a suite of standardized assays. In addition to this service offering, Visikol also sells various tissue clearing reagents and kits for academic researchers that are interested in adopting the approach into their own workflows. For more information about Visikol or 3Screen™, please visit our website at

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