Visikol® MOUNT™

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Visikol MOUNT was designed to pair with Visikol for Plant Biology and is used as a replacement to Hoyer’s solution for permanent slide mounting. Visikol MOUNT will clear tissues as it dries, but for hard-to-clear tissues, Visikol for Plant Biology should be used to clear a plant tissue prior to permanent mounting.


For non-waxy and thin plant samples (e.g. arabidopsis), Visikol MOUNT can be used to both clear and mount samples. However, for thicker and waxier samples, they can be processed with KOH for cuticle removal, ethanol for dehydration and Visikol for Plant Biology prior to using Visikol MOUNT to ensure that they clear prior to mounting.

  1. Place your sample on a glass microscope slide and add sufficient Visikol MOUNT to cover your sample. Then place a cover slip over your sample and place the slide at an elevated temperature to accelerate the curing process (30-45 C).
  2. While Visikol MOUNT cures its overall volume will decrease and thus for larger samples you will need to add additional Visikol MOUNT solution to your slide using a pipette.

Visikol MOUNT