Visikol Returns to Rutgers for New Jersey Core Facility Showcase – October 11, 2019

Visikol original spun out of Rutgers University and is now a leading contract research organization in the fields of digital pathology, advanced imaging and 3D cell culture models. On October 11th Visikol will be returning to Rutgers University for the annual NJ Core Facility Showcase where local providers present their capabilities and resources that researchers at Rutgers University have access to.

While Visikol primarily works with pharmaceutical companies on their drug discovery and development efforts, Visikol also commonly works with academic and governmental researchers on various research questions. Visikol is also still actively involved in developing new technologies and partnering with academics on novel publications and has assisted with over ten publications in the first half of 2019 alone.

The New Jersey Core Facility Showcase will highlight the research services that are provided by core facilities at academic institutions from around the state. These services span all disciplines including structural biology, genomics, imaging and materials science. This event is catalyzed by the recent release of the ResearchwithNJ platform, which highlights research expertise and core facility operations at Rutgers, Princeton, Montclair State, Rowan, NJIT and Stevens.

In addition to Visikol, ThermoFisher, Integra LifeSciences and Swift Biosciences will also be present. To register for the event, click here and for more info on Visikol’s services see below:

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